Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here Comes the Sun!

The past week has been a little stressful. Brad was sick first and then Brenley started getting sick Sunday morning. Today I took her to Dr. Bancroft and just as I suspected Brenley has Scarlet Fever. This would make the 3rd year in a row I believe. I am not sure what triggers it to happen every fall but here it is again without fail. Brenley has been out of sorts and actually down right grouchy (until she has some medicine in her system) but really who wouldn't be! She has been out of school since Monday and will not be heading back until this coming Monday. I have had some opportunities to have some good talks with Brenley while she has been down. Secretly I have to admit that I am enjoying having her home with me. She has made me laugh a bunch and I have enjoyed nurturing her during the day. So just as my Mom did for me when I was sick....I am babying Brenley a bit. She has been enjoying rented movies from Red Box and I stopped at the library for a few more movies. She doesn't get to do a whole lot but it is fun to just hang out with her.

Haley started bringing reading books home from school last week. I am really enjoying watching how well she is learning and how much she retains. She was very ready for school, that is clear. I find myself looking forward to sitting down with her on the couch and having her read to me. I think what I love the most is the one on one time it gives us! She also looks forward to reading and I can see that she is happy with her new abilities!

Camden is doing so well on the potty! We have occasional accidents but nothing major. And Camden has turned into a book worm. He has one with him many times during the day and wants to go to bed with one even though it is dark in his room. He sits through a book....even longer ones, as I read to him. I must admit...Camden turning 2 was a hard transition for me....he turned into a terrible two for a while but now I see him mellowing out a bit and he is able to sit and enjoy and not just go go go. He is still very busy but he can also be very still for a moment or two. It is a nice addition to our day!

Tonight I was feeding Baby A. pears. She loves baby food and she loves being held. Today as I picked her up from her bouncy chair she cuddled in my arms as if she was saying "this is just what I wanted you to do". I LOVE every moment of my time with A. And I know she loves spending time with me....I am her favorite person and I love that! Tonight I pondered on the joy I feel taking care of Baby A. and all of my children and I realized again just how much I love being a Mother!
(Thank You to my favorite "S"es....Stacey, Sara & Samantha! Where would I be without you?)

I needed this has been a hard couple of weeks for me...but today the Sun came out!!


Mandee Lue said...

WHAT AN adorable blog to read! I sure love you, and your whole cute family!

Leisha said...

I love all of the little updates on your family. They are adorable and you are such a wonderful mom. Your stories always make me laugh and remind me so much of my two little peeps.