Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thinking Back....Moving Forward

Seven years ago reality changed for all those who call themselves Americans. I know my reality changed. I remember where I was standing the moment I saw the news. I had 14 month old Brenley in my arms getting ready to head to a court house in downtown Salt Lake. On my way to the courthouse the second plane hit (if my memory serves me correctly). I was scared and worried..probably just like everyone else was. I still get tears in my eyes when I listen to the media talk about it like they do every year. But I think it is good to take time to remember.

Remembering is something I think I need to do more of right now. Sometimes I feel like I can't get out of my bad habits. Right now I am struggling with my weight in a big way. PCOS is a never ending problem and my body continues to feel the effects. I would much rather deal with PCOS than another physical problem but there are days when I can't stand it...the side effects of the syndrome ravage my body. But I have been able to take control before...I need to remember that I CAN change my life and change myself on the outside so it fits how I feel on the inside. I can overcome my bad habits...I just have to remember and move forward.

There is someone in my family who is a great example of overcoming a bad habit. I won't name this person so they can maintain their privacy but this is someone who I attended court to support on 9-11. I saw this person hit the bottom and then I saw them change. They overcame the odds and got clean and has stayed clean for 7+ years. I once feared this person and now I can hug them. This person makes me laugh and it is fun to watch them laugh too. I can see their personality again and I can say "I Love You". I may not see this person very often but I still think of them. They are an example of overcoming a trail and moving forward. So as I remember 9-11 this person and their example comes to my mind. And today as I was struggling with my feelings about myself I thought of this person.... and I felt inspired.

One of the best things about our country is the ability we all have to try again, get a second chance and overcome those things which seem insurmountable. We have been blessed with freedom and free agency. What we do with this gift called "life" is up to us. Today I decided it is time to move forward.


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