Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Swiss Days.

On Labor Day weekend I packed up baby A. and headed to Swiss Days with my Mom and sisters Laraine & Diane. I had so much fun! I didn't buy anything but enjoyed hanging with my some of my favorite people! After hitting every single seller we finally got to eat lunch. By then my back was killing me. I carried sweet Baby A. in a little baby pack. Baby A. was the celebrity there. We were stopped by many women who wanted to see the "beautiful baby". One little girl who is also African American wanted to say hi to the baby. She was a very cute little girl and thought it was so neat to see a baby who looked like her.
It was a really fun day! I am going to make sure next year I am packing some dough!

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Leisha said...

I've never been to Swiss Days and hear I definitely need to go sometime. Baby A is adorable. What a fun outing for the two of you.