Thursday, November 20, 2008

In Honor of Our Favorite Baby.

It has been one week ago today that we said goodbye to my Favorite Baby...
my arms ache for my little Ashanti.
I was up again last night wondering how she is doing..
how she is adjusting..
is she getting the care she deserves.
I miss her more than I can express!
I wish I could care for her today....but I can't.
So I was thinking of what I CAN do.
I came up with this......
In Honor of our favorite baby we would like to ask you to join us in our Newest Christmas Tradition.
Select a name from one of the Angel Tree's
Macy's at University Mall in Orem
Pleasant Grove High School
From November 20th - December 15th
Select a name from the Giving Tree
Center Area of the University Mall in Orem
From November 24th - December 20th
or you can contact
Jessica Hannemann, Retention Specialist
Utah Foster Care Foundation, Western Region
252 North Orem Blvd
Orem, UT 84057
Phone: (801) 373-3006 x14
The Tree's include names of chidren currently in state custody.
(you can read more about who is sponsering these programs here)
Choose a child's name and help them have a Magical Christmas this year!

Today there are many many children in foster care.
Can you imagine leaving all that you know...taken from the parents that you love and placed in the care of people you have never met?
Yes this needs to happen for the children who are being abused, neglected or are in unsafe conditions...
but they don't understand all of that.
They are just children.
Help these children have a Merry Christmas this year!

I hope you will join my family and take time to pick a name from one of the trees this year.
please add this information and enourage your family and friends to join us as well.

Remember my Lucky number is...
I hope at least 8 of you pick a name from one of the tree's
another 8 add this message/link to your blog.
(or Both)
All in honor of my favorite baby I got to mother for 8 wonderful months!
Please let us know if you decide to be part of our New Tradition.

Thank you again for ALL the support you have given us!


Tricia said...

You are an amazing person.


I love that tradition! Ashanti had gotten so big since the last time I saw her. You are a very strong person. I admire you in so many ways!

Jill Johnson said...

Brenda - what a great and thoughtful idea. I think it is a wonderful way to include Maddie and Gracie into learning the value of Giving.
Thank you for all you do!!!
P.S You HAVE to go see TWILIGHT!

Debbie said...

It must be hard. Thanks for coming to our Adoption group. IT was great to meet you. I hope all will be well with you and your family.