Monday, November 24, 2008

Life moves forward

I had the best phone conversation on Saturday.
I got to say "Hi Baby Girl" to my favorite baby...
and she smiled in return
(from what her Father reports).
I got to hear that Ashanti is eating much better and is doing well.
Music to my Ears!!!
Life is moving forward for my favorite Baby.
She is adjusting and being loved.
This brings so much peace.

My life is moving forward to...
even though I wasn't sure it could.

All 48 hours I ....
learned my Mother in Law may have cancer,
then learned she is going to be ok and it may or may not be cancer but if it is she should be just fine,
got a call about a new foster situation...a brand new baby boy,
we said yes to this new foster situation,
I got to have a girl's night out with my friends and wrap myself in the new "Twilight" frenzy.
All of this happened on Thursday and Friday of last week....
Yes I guess my life is moving forward
I realized it is a good thing!

So what am I looking forward to...
picking up baby boy,
traveling to my parents house for Thanksgiving,
hanging with my sisters at my parents house,
playing with my cute kiddo's,
just being with my family,
eating my favorite "thanksgiving bite"
which includes a little stuffing, yams and cranberries...all in one bite.

I am feeling extra grateful for my life recently.
I am so thankful for my health,
my hubby,
my kids
and the opportunity I have to love and care for babies.
It is amazing how pain sharpens our feelings of gratitude.
I am thankful to be just me.


Amanda said...

So gald to hear that all is well with Baby A. Good luck with this new baby boy as well. We are excited for you again! What a lucky little boy to sepnd time with your family.

Shelly said...

I got your blog address from Terumi because I am about to lose my sweet foster baby and she thought your words might be helpful. Boy, she was right! Thank you for your words of inspiration. It gives me hope that I too will survive this. I am glad you are doing well, and I wish you luck with your new placement. I will keep checking back to see how it is going. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jessica said...

awwwww Brenda you are a true angel. I am truly impressed by your strength and what you learn and take from your life experiences! You are a blessing in my life. Hope you are well.

Kim said...

Congrats on your new placement...will be so fun. Love me those babies. Also, so thankful Ashanti's father is keeping in touch with you. Such an amazing blessing!