Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tomorrow is Today

And it has been a much better day!!!!
I want to draw attention to a wonderful friend who has given me and my family a precious gift.
On night before I took Ashanti to the airport to start her new life with her family
Leisha Kelsey came to my home and took pictures of all of us with our favorite baby.
She sent me an email today saying the CD of pictures are ready and she linked me to where I could view them.
She captured all of those special little things that Ashanti does that we love so much...
and miss everyday!

If you are looking for someone to do pictures for your family, for a wedding or anything...
Give Leisha a try!
View her website here
She has a heart of gold and incredible talent to match!

Yesterday I posted about my "bumer" day.
Today I got to remember my favorite baby through pictures!
Today IS a better day!!!
I am so grateful to you Leisha!!

1 comment:

leisha said...

Brenda, you are welcome! It is the least I could do. I'm so glad you can enjoy them.