Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am not sure how to word this so it doesn't come across different than I mean...but I am going to try. :)
Lately I have viewed alot of wonderful pictures of friends and family.
Pictures where they are on vacation, relaxing or just being a typical family.

They are sweet pictures!
Sometimes I long for that....for life that isn't filled with running to visitation, doctors appointments, meetings.
Between foster stuff, FSA stuff, calling stuff, dance classes, school stuff and family and home stuff.....I feel tired and sometimes wonder if I need to get rid of everything but my family and home stuff.
I sometimes long for having responsibility for only my family.

I am looking forward to do the day when I feel "finished" with our family building.
Honestly...I am exhausted.
And yet, I know I am doing what I am suppose to do...what I was meant to do.
So I feel peaceful even when my house is a mess and laundry isn't done because I haven't been home long enough.
I am enjoying my life....but I can tell the time is coming where I need to take a breather.

In case anyone is wondering....NO I am not quiting FSA & NO we are no quiting Foster Care.
But I am going to organize my time better,
take more time with my kids,
date Brad more often!

(whether he likes it or not)

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