Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year ~ Clean Slate

I love New Year's Day!
It feels like a fresh start.
I haven't messed anything thing up yet in 2009.
I have been thinking about what I want my New Year's resolutions to be and I am narrowing it down.
I am excited to set goals and get started.
I want 2009 to be the best year yet!
Happy New Year!!!!

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Boysrus said...

Brenda, i was reading on your facebook and it said to look at your blog to see Camdens story, so I jumped on over. You are such a great writer and you made me cry. Your stories are so wonderful, truly inspired by the Lord. You are such a great mom, wife, teacher and woman of God. You have great insight and i can feel all of that through your experience and your sharing of your testimony. Thank you!!!
As for your earlier blog with taking care of a 2 year old is just part of the process. I have 4 boys and every single one is wired soooooo differently. But they are such a challenge but, i have been learning with my oldest, almost 10, that they switch, they will get easier and then i have heard that the girls become hard at that age and up. So hang in there. Keep in touch!!