Saturday, January 10, 2009

Supporters of Adoption

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I wanted to introduce you to a few important people in our life.
All of them are supporters of Adoption.
They support adoption in a little different way.

They watch our children for us each month as we go to our FSA board meetings.
It is no small task either....3 kids and one of them has "Stitch" as a nickname.
The babysitting starts at 3:30 and goes until we get back from our 2nd meeting which has been as late at 9:30pm or even 10pm on months where things were crazy.
It is because of these special people that we are able to do our adoption work....
our love and passion!

So give it up for....
(drum-roll please)
Russ & Diane Blair
Diane is my sister. We use to share the same bedroom together growing up. She use to con me into telling her what she was going to get for Christmas but then she would never tell me what I was getting. Early Christmas morning we would get up and make mayo and mustard sandwiches and peek at what Santa left us. One night after staying up just talking I saw a spider on the celling and I was freaking out. Diane said "well as long as it stays up there" and we went to thing I know I awoke with a spider crawling across may face. So since Diane is the big sister she went and got a broom and killed it. So now when we see a spider it is smashed on the spot.
Russ & Diane love our kids. They love adoption. They have 3 children 2 boys and 1 girl. Jessica, was delivered by emergency C-section and died as her cord was cut. It was devastating. The Day Diane got to go home to heal she started running a fever so she had to go back to the hospital where her incision was reopened and left open to close on its own which it didn't do for another 18 months. So there was my sister in her home with a huge wound that would give her grief for 18 months and yet no baby girl to make it worth it. Oh yes she did have a baby girl but not in her arms. My sister and my BIL are amazing people! Diane and I grew closer as friends and as sisters as she dealt with the loss of her only daughter. While our losses were different they were also similar so we were able to relate and still do.
Diane can relate to Birth Mothers and appreciates the sacrifice they make for their babies.

Don & Jean Horrocks
(I couldn't find a good picture of Dad)
Don & Jean our Brad's parents. They fill their time serving others. They travel to our home (which takes 1 hour) just to watch our kids as we got to court for our foster cases. They offer to help with anything and everything. Jean even does my dishes when she is here. We are so grateful for all they do for us and especially for taking such good care of Camden when we go to our meetings. He is so active and full of energy we realize it takes alot to watch him. We are able to go and serve and not worry about him and we know that he is being loved. They are perfect examples of service! Don & Jean love adoption and what adoption has brought to them....Grand-babies!
and then there is....
Victoria Horrocks
Vicki is Brad's sister. She is the Aunt with an amazing room that my kids just can't stay away from. Vicki is amazing...she plays the piano beautifully, can draw and sing and is very creative. Vicki cooks yummy Filipino food (she learned from serving on her mission in the Philippines). My favorite thing about Vicki is her love for the Lord. She is single...but not because she wants to be. She has had opportunities to marry but she won't settle for less than the temple. She remains true to all that she holds close in her heart and she is a wonderful example to our children!
Vicki also loves adoption....she loves children and it shows in all the way she loves her nieces and nephews. She is a very special Sister and Aunt.

We are so grateful for what they do each month.
There may be a month here or there were we don't use all three but they are consistently the ones we call on for help and they say yes without complaint.
Thank you for letting our kids tear apart your clean home, for feeding them, for taking them out to McDonald's or taking them shopping.
Thank you for entertaining them....they can't wait to come each month and be spoiled.
We really couldn't do what we do without you so here is a little
for some of our family's most important supporters of adoption!

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