Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

Today my thoughts are a little sentimental.
I am an American who loves her country and appreciate the freedoms found within its boundaries.
I feel gratitude for those who have lost their lives or have lost time with their family to allow me the freedom to live and worship as I wish.
I appreciate President Bush.
I know many people don't like him but I have felt that he has done all that he has to help keep me and you safe.
I am sure there have been many sleepless nights for him while he has worried about America.
Thank You President Bush!
I am sad to see him go honestly.
And yet
I am excited about what today means for many Americans....but especially my favorite baby.
Ashanti will grow without knowing limits...she will know she can accomplish anything if she puts her mind to it.
Today her opportunities for her future are many.

Today I am tearfully happy to see history unfold before my eyes!
I don't know what type of President, Barack Obama will make but I hope he is successful in helping our country move forward and successful in keeping American safe.
Congratulations President Obama!

Today I am a little Sentimental as I ponder all of these things and as I think about the opportunity I have had to love a very special American who changed my life forever and because of that opportunity makes today more meaningful.
Thank You Ashanti!


Sheri said...

I love your comments regarding the inauguration yesterday and enjoyed your sentiments. President Bush has done a great job for the country. Even though I didn't vote for President Obama, I wish him well and pray he can turn around the recession for the country. Maybe this will really unite all Americans together. It is wonderful to know that little Ashanti will be able to have a better life than her ancestors. We had a beautiful little girl (like Ashanti) with us last December. Her name is Exon. I was also thinking about her yesterday.

Ang said...

You expressed my feelings exactly. I personally have felt Pres. Bush has done all he could do and am sad to see him go and even sadder to hear some of the negative things said about him. Anyone in that position with those kind of stressed should be respected. What an impact Ashanti had on your life! I am sad when I think about her not being with you, but happy to know she was with you for that time when she needed your family so much!

Sure love reading your blog!!! Wish I could spend all day reading blogs!