Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Cute Mom.

I Love my Mom!!!
She has been very supportive of our Foster to Adopt Journey!
She has been supportive of everything in my life.

Thank You Cute Mom!!
I love this picture and wanted to share it!


Sheri said...

I love that your mom is so supportive of adoption. My parents are also so supportive. I believe that foster care is the only way we will be able to have other children in our life. We have had our names on the LDS site for almost 3 years and nothing. We have gone through 8 different case workers and haven't had much help this time around. The first time was perfect.

Casey Hermansen said...

How Awesome that your MOM is so supportive. It sure is a blessing and makes the process of adoption and much smoothier journey.

Ang said...

I just watched your video on YouTube. Made me cry. You are such an incredible family.