Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today I am being haunted by a sweet little face I saw at
Artic Circle.

I took my kiddo's to get a little dinner while we waited for "little Edward" to have a visit with his family.
All was kids were having a great time and telling me what a great Mom I am.
(If only they could say this when I send them to clean their room.)
Then this guy and his 2 boys walk in.
One boy was teenage the other looked to be around 3....he was darling!
This Dad (and I use the term loosely) couldn't speak to his 3 year old son without sounding like he was going to kill him right in from of us.
I am not even really talking about volume....I am talking about how he said every word.
I really thought this guy was going to start hitting him.
I couldn't believe what I was witnessing and yet I wasn't sure if I was seeing or hearing anything that I could truly report.
But just in case...
I tried to get his license plate number but I wasn't sure which door he came in so I didn't know which end of the place he parked. I tried sneaky tricks to try to get behind him when he pulled away but it was too dark and I wasn't quick enough.
I missed it!
I am so mad at myself.
All I can see is that cute little 3 year old face looking so excited to be in the play area.
And then I think of how his dad was with him.
I would be willing to bet my house that this boy is hit on a daily basis.
I also thought it was very strange that his brother didn't speak even one word...not one the whole time.
This "dad" is trouble and I failed these kids.
I do know what they ordered and have a very small time frame in which they did so I am hoping someone can check into it....but then again..he could have paid with cash...and I don't know if they would do anything based on what I heard.
NO child should ever have to live with that!
Please pray for these two boys.

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Kim said...

This is heart-wrenching.