Monday, February 23, 2009

Kids, Adoption and Books

I have funny kiddo's!
I had to smile yesterday during Sacrament Meeting at church.
I am not sure how it got started but Camden and Haley were arguing about who's Birth Mother was who's.
All of our Birth Mother's names start with the letter 'S' so for a 2 year old it can get confusing.
I wondered who was listening to this unique and wonderful argument.
'It made me smile!

I remember when we were trying to adopt for the 3rd time we were at our LDS Family Services handing in our many copies of our Birth Parent letter, family photo and collage.
As we were leaving a worker was coming in and Brenley (who was 4 at the time) spoke to this worker letting her know we were trying to adopt again and telling her to share our information with a Birth Mom if she knows one.
It was really cute and really funny!!
I wish I would have written down her exact wording but I didn't.
I realized then just how much Brenley listens to us and how much Brenley wanted another baby...actually she wanted a baby brother.
I will have to share that story another time.

Oh and while I am talking about my funny kids....Yesterday Camden let us know that
(and I quote)
"You are ruining my life!"
Yep...he is just two!
What are we in for? LOL


I wanted to share a website I just learned about today.
I knew of this company but didn't realize they had a website.
(ya I know...HELLOOO Brenda EVERYBODY has a website these days.)
It is called Tapestry Books.
Tapestry Books is an online adoption bookstore.
Take a peek and wander through their titles!

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