Saturday, March 21, 2009

I know I am probably the only one but...

I really don't love the music in "Twilight".
Some of it is ok and fits the scene.
But some of it is bizarre and I really don't like it.
Maybe I am showing my age.

I am excited to watch it again which I am doing in about 5 minutes.
It is our Saturday night date. :)
Kiddo's are asleep and we get some "us" time!
I love us time!

This will be Brad's first Twilight experience.
I am excited to share it with him.
One thing I know about Brad that no one else knows is how much he is like Edward.
No he doesn't bite or kill animals with his teeth.
At least that I know of.

Brad is a thoughtful, romantic guy who would do anything for me.
Just a few reasons I married him.


There is one song that I hear on the radio sometimes.
The Lyrics don't fit Twilight perfectly but for whatever reason everytime I hear it I think of Edward and Bella.
Love Story

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