Monday, March 30, 2009

Matching Monday

Thanks to a marvelous idea from my new friend mrs. r over at the r house I am going to be highlighting a few waiting children each week.
I will post links on this blog so you can learn more about them.
mrs. r will be sending the info/links to the list of hopeful couples that she has on her blog.
If you know of couples who are hoping to adopt I encourage you to pass the info/links along as well.

I am calling this endevour "Matching Monday".
So please check back each Monday to see if you might be THE match for a special child who is waiting.

The thing that breaks my heart is that this is just a tiny glimpse of those who are waiting...hoping and dreaming of a family.

Here are a 4 situations to consider.....

You won't be able to resist these little ones from Texas.
Four darling brothers ages 6-2 years old.

Here are some cuties from Ohio.

Beautiful sisters who are close in age.
The oldest is 3 ..will be 4 in April.
Middle sister just turned 3 this month
Youngest sister just turned 2 this month.

Are you like I was and thought there were no babies waiting.
Check out this little guy in California.
He is one year old.

I also wanted to add a teen who is in Utah and wants an LDS family.

She is a beautiful and vibrant young lady.
We have even talked about this girl for our family.

Please take time to look at each situation....each child.
Then share their information with others.
Even if these little cuties aren't right for your might be the link to the family who is!

Please let me know if you pursue any of these situations.....I would love to hear.


Amanda said...

I love finding other Foster Mothers out there in blog land. I'm glad I came across your blog. You inspire me to do more in the area of advocating, or actually being more outspoken in regards to Foster Care.

Countless Tomorrows said...

I love the little boys from Texas. I heard about them yesterday in the Yahoo Group. I wish they felt right for our family.

Adrienne Donner said...

Awsome addition to your blog. Thanks!

Kirsten said...

It is nice to find another foster mom out there! I got certified in Feb. and we are still waiting for our first placement. sometimes it feels like it will never happen! Thanks for your blog... keep writing! :)