Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Family Fun

Brenley loves to write stories.
This is one of her latest.
I told her I would post it on the blog.
Now you are a published author Brenley!

"The Kids Who Wanted to be Visible"
Written By: Brenley ~ Age 8

Once there was a little girl. Her name was Katy Olson. Katy had brown hair and eyes as blue as the sea. Katy had a robot boat named Doodles. Katy was sailing Doodles to Wondersland. While they were sailing a strange thing happened. Doodles hit a humongous green scaly ugly serpent. Katy was very frightened. "Please don't hurt us!" said Katy. The serpent replied in a deep crackly voice "Why Shouldn't I? You disturbed my home!" "Because I well because I didn't mean to disturb your home." stammered Katy. "Oh!" replied the Serpent. "Don't disturb me again!" "We won't" Katy replied, "I promise."
Two months later: "Oh Doodles are we there yet?" asked Katy. Doodle replied, "No not yet. We will be there soon." A couple of moments later Doodles hit something {Boof}. Katy hollered, "We hit land! Yea!!!"
Katy stepped off of Doodles when suddenly she hears a mean laugh "E-heehehehe!" "Wwwhat wwwas thhhhat?" chattered Katy. "I don't know" replied Doodles. "Check the mmmap!" instructed Katy. "Oh no!" said Doodles. "What is it?" asked Katy. "We landed on the Haunted Island!" answered Doodles. "Are you sure?" asked Katy. "Yes, I am sure!" answered Doodles. "Lets go see what that sound was" Katy said bravely. "All right but your going to regret it!" said Doodles. Doodles, being a robot , transformed into a walking robot. "Come on Doodles...lets get going!"
Katy and Doodles started walking inland. Suddenly they heard a new sound "BOO!" Katy and Doodles screamed "AHHH!!!" The unknown voice started laughing that evil laugh again "E-heehehehe!" "You should have seen your faces!" said the unknown voice. "That was so funny!" Then came a new voice, "That wasn't very funny Bobby!" "I'm so sorry my little brother scared you." "Hi, my name is Ashanti and this is my little brother Bobby. He loves to scare people." Confused Katy asked, "Where are you two, we can hear you but we can't see you." "That is because we are invisible" said Bobby. "How did you become invisible?" asked Katy. "Well" Ashanti said, "It all started when a big dark purple Monster came and brought yucky stuff. This yucky stuff was blue, yellow, black and goopy. The Monster dunked us in it and we've been invisible ever since." Katy then asked "Can you become visible again?" Yes, but it won't be easy. We need to be dunked back into the goo. But the monster is now the King of Haunted Island. He has many guards, stairways and boobie traps that make it hard to get into the castle." Ashanti said. Katy replied "We will find a way...lets go!"
The Monster King spent his days lounging around his castle not paying much attention to anyone. Suddenly the King heard something. "Who is there?' said the King. "It is jussst usss" a whispering voice replied. "Show yourselves!" yelled the King. "We cannot!" You have been very cruel to ussss! You make it so we are gone, you dipped us in that goo. But if you want to see us you must bow out your candles." Said the whispering voice. The King did as he was told and blew out the candles. "Oh you!" said the King. "What do you want?" "We want to be visable again" said Bobby. "Ya, we came all this way to see you" said Katy bravely. "If you don't dunk them or whatever you have to do to fix them I will zap you with my robot laser" said Doodles. "All right!" the King said angrily. {Plunk, Plunk} The king dipped Ashanti and Bobby in the goo. "We can see you!!! We can see you!!!" cried Katy and Doodles. Katy ws excited to finally sew what the kids looked like. Ashanti was tall with long black hair and eyes as brown as bark. Bobby was smaller than his sister with curly brown hair and brown eyes. "It is great to be back to normal" said Ashanti. And they all lived happily ever after.....well almost everyone. The King is still stewing in his anger!
The End!


Brad said...

Brenley, that is such a great story!! I can't wait to see what more you come up with!! Love, Dad

Kim said...

What a beauty...inside and out. Keep writing Brenley!