Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adoptive Couples needed, Baby Due in May.

I saw this on Heart to Heart Adoption agency blog.
I asked the blog moderator if it was ok to post here.

So if you know anyone who is hoping to adopt pass this info along.
I don't claim to know alot about Heart to Heart....I just know about them through friends mostly.
Call the numbers below if you have questions or if you are interested.

We have a birth mother in Ohio due on May 14 with a full African American baby; gender unknown. Fees are $16000 plus $5000 legal. Adoptive family will need to be able to stay in Ohio for 2-4 weeks for ICPC to clear. Please call if you or someone you know is interested. Thanks! Shelly 866 691 1562 or Rachel 801 755 6053


Jessica said...

Super cute picture! I WISH we had the money to adopt with another agency. More than we ever have before! Thanks for posting these situations! You are the best!

Kirsten said...

I so wish I could come up with $20,000 to adopt this baby! I would be perfect... I am from Ohio and my family is still there.