Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are you an Angel?

I heard about this story today.
I made me sick to hear about it.
I came home and read the story and saw this picture.

Now not only am I sick but I am angry!
Why was this child sent to Mexico?
Why is "blood relation" put above the safety and life of children?
Please read this story....and then DO SOMETHING!
I am probably preaching to the forward it to everyone you know and encourage them to become an advocate for children.

This is just another fine example of my theory.
IF more people who are in a crisis pregnancy would place their babies for adoption there would be less children in foster care.

If only this little girl could have been adopted by a loving family.
If only....

Adopting through States is not easy or a "perfect" system.
It never will be unless we all do something about it.
Too bad someone isn't doing something about Oregon.
I am told it is one of the worst.
Maybe we could all be that someone.
Write to:
Governor Kulongoski
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047
Or Email him from this page.
They may not listen to those of us who live outside of Oregon but I think we should write anyway.
And if you know of family or friends in Oregon...encourage them to get involved.

Then take time to learn about the foster care system in your state.
What can you do to be an angel to children who is in need?

Last of all....Report Child Abuse or any type, physical, sexual, mental/emotional and neglect.
We need to use our voice until we are heard!


Jessica said...

I live in Vancouver, WA and I remember that little girls story being on the news for months. I remember how heart broken her foster mom was when the judge ordered the girl to go to Mexico to live with her father's parents(?). I am sad to see how this story turned out. The worst thing is that they knew they were sending her into a bad situation and yet they still made her go.
Anyways, I really enjoy reading your blog, Brenda. I have what I call a broken uterus. We did finally get pregnant with our son but we have always felt that adoption is how we will complete our family. Thanks for being some one I can look up to!

Brenda said...

Oh Jessica, I am so sorry to hear about the uterus issue. I am so glad you have your little guy!
I also have a uterus issue on top of my PCOS. My uterus is "bicornate" (I am probably spelling that worng). Basically it is heart even if my ovaries ever did work properly and I got pg I would be at risk of losing the pgcy as the baby got bigger.

Adoption is a huge blessing and a wonder (and yet hard) experience. Keep me posted ok?

I am sad that Oregon decided to send this little girl down there. Makes me sick. So wrong on so many levels. I feel badly for the foster mom! It is sad to think that this isn't the only child that has been sent to mexico. I find it so ironic that we don't do much about people coming here illegally but they are happy to send US children to mexico.
Love ya Jess!!!

Becky said...

Brenda, This is that girl I was telling you about in the training. Isn't she beautiful!!! I'm absolutely sick about this. I DO PLAN TO SEND A LETTER!!!!!