Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our time is Short

I got word today that we are moving along in the case...3 parent visits (these are all day visits) are changing to 4. I know this is a good thing...I can see that. I love Little Edward! He is so full of smiles and giggles and is really showing his personality these days.
I knew when I said yes to this case it was highly unlikely that we would be adopting him. And I have loved watching people make changes in their lives for the better. I am glad I have been part of this process!
All of these positive things make me happy but I can't deny how weak I am...I am going to miss this baby.
My heart feels sad as we gear up to say goodbye.
I hope someday I will get to share a few pictures of him with you...he is a handsome little fella!


mrs. r said...

loved squeezing on him at the fsa mtg. what a lover. :)

Brenda said...

I know...he is sooo squeezable !!!
I call him my "hunka chunka burnin' love!"
I sing it to him. lol
UGH I am going to miss hugging him all the time!!!!

Kirsten said...

I can't imagine how you feel. I am new to foster care and haven't had placements yet but I just had 2 BEAUTIFUL children in my home this last week for respite and I got so attached in just a short time. I miss them already! Good luck to ya!

P.s. I found your blog by chance but I am so glad I did! You are wonderful! You are also in my friends ward come to find out. Small world.

Becky said...

He has been so lucky that you are so amazing......

Brenda said... guys are so sweet! Thank you for your comments!!!
Kirsten...who is your friend that is in my ward?? What a small world!!! I am glad you found my blog. Are you excited to get a placement? Do you think you might get a call soon or is it like where I just never know when the phone will ring. :)

Becky...I hope we run into each other again...we should get together sometime. I really enjoyed chatting with you at our class that didn't really happen. lol