Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Sweet Read

At our last FSA EB meeting I was lent a copy of this book. I read it while I hung out with my parents in Idaho. I started it late one night and by the next afternoon I was done. I could not put it down. If it wasn't for plans to go out I would have had it finished much earlier.
I kept thinking about the characters when I wasn't reading. It has been a while since I've been that drawn to a novel. (probably the last twilight book)
I cried in many places and I laughed in others.
If you are looking for a good read pick this one up!
You will especially love it if you are involved in adoption.
(but I won't say anymore ....I don't want to give anything away.)


Countless Tomorrows said...

I love this book! I've owned it for about a year and I've already read it twice! Love the cover, love the story!
The adoption stories in these books aren't as "involved" as this book, but some others that have adoption stories in them are Secrets of the Heart by JoAnn Jolley (it's a 3 book series and a very good read) and Unsung Lullaby by Josi Kilpack.

Holly, Bryan, Owen, Sasha said...

This is a great book. I purchased it at Seagull the Saturday before Spring Break and couldn't put it down either.

Brenda said...

Savannah (I hope I am spelling your name correctly) I have been wanting to read Unsung Lullaby....I will have to pick that one up and I will read the other one you mentioned as well. It seems like once you start reading you can't stop. lol I am reading "Fireproof" right now...I haven't watch the movie yet. I am going to rent it after I read the novel.

Holly (this is off topic but)...thanks for the letter from Owen...we will be writing back shortly! :) Haley LOVED it!!! She is working on something to send to Owen.

Hanna said...

I LOVE this book! I got it on sale at Deseret Book and bauled like a baby! It was great to feel like I understood some of what our birthmom may have felt.

Thanks for your Matching Mondays! What a great thing to do to help kids everywhere. You are an inspiration to me Brenda, you remind me to keep going and FIND my kids!