Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday's Family Fun.

Camden has developed this really fun sense of humor.
We have this little joke between us.
He tells me "Mom your cute!" and I tell him "Cam your cuter"
Then he tells me "Mom your a cute Chipmunk!"
I love it!!!
He is my little handsome man!

On Monday he had his 3 year old WCC. One of the questions the doctor asked was if Camden understood if the oven is hot then water is cold. I thought for a moment and wasn't sure if he understood that so Dr. Bancroft asked him. "Camden if the oven is hot then ice is ___? Camden replied; "Cold". I was thinking yeah...he gets it!
Then Dr. Bancroft said "If Daddy is a boy then Mommy is a ___?
Camden replies; "A chipmunk!"
I laughed out loud hard and the doctor smiled and chuckled. But he has no idea how funny that really was.
I am Cam's Chipmunk Mommy!
I love being a chipmunk!

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