Sunday, May 24, 2009

For my friends who are in pain.

Today after I took my Sunday cat nap...I went to my room to start on a presentation Brad and I are giving in is on how to cope with a failed placement. I already had this website open on my laptop and saw this clip. The title..."Hope ya know, We had a hard time" reminds me of being back in those sad sad childless days when I hurt more than I felt any other feeling. Pain was my existence. I needed validation and someone to talk to....I needed healing. Through the Lord's tender mercies a piece of hope was renewed and while the pain was still there at every moment I was able to live. Then I had the opportunity to serve in FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) and my life began to change...and I started to grow.

If you are feeling down today...if your existence is filled with pain.... know you are not alone and there will come a day that joy will fill your heart beyond your capacity to hold it! In the meantime find a way to serve others...lift another and you will find your heart lifted. President Hinckley is quoted saying to a woman who just lost her husband..."Work will cure your grief, lose yourself in service."

Take time to listen to this clip....and know that Heavenly Father hears and answers your prayers... your are Loved!

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