Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Morning Call

I got a phone call around 9:30 this morning. I knew from the caller id that it was someone from our ward....I was thinking someone wanted to talk to Brad (he is our ward clerk).
Boy was I wrong.
It was a member of our relief society presidency (she is also a good friend).
She was calling because the sister who was going to be giving the RS lesson had very sick children and she wondered if I could substitute.
I thought about the amount of time I would have to prepare and I had that dry mouth panic feeling....but then I thought...anyone would feel the same way.
So I said I would teach.
The lesson was from this last conference.
It was Elder Nelson's talk titled "Lessons from the Lord's Prayers".

I went about my morning getting everyone ready for church...and of course it was one of those harder know the kind when the children are acting up and things are NOT going well.
I ended up 10 minutes late to church.
I read and re-read the article and made notes and I found it very interesting how certain experiences from recent past were coming to my mind that fit in the lesson...and I kept noticing how calm I felt..peaceful and I knew it was all going to work out.

I don't know how the lesson went from a class member's perspective but I know that I felt peaceful while sharing the lesson and I felt clear in my mind. I know the Lord helped me! I also realize how much I gained from reading through this talk...I learned so much! I am so thankful I said yes this morning.....I got more out of this then I put into it!

Today I learned again that when we say "yes" to the Lord He blesses our efforts and our testimonies are strengthened.
I am thankful the morning call came to me!

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Cassie said...

Brenda, the lesson was great! We're all glad you said "yes" too!!