Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Harry Potter

Is it just me or do any other Mom's think it is really stupid that they don't sell character dolls from the Harry Potter series??? I personally would love to see dolls about the size of HS musical dolls and have all the accessories...wands, cloaks and even a castle to play with. My kids would LOVE it and I would buy it!!!
So could someone tell the toy world to make it!!!!

Since we are talking Potter....we are taking Brenley to see #6 for her 9th Birthday in July! Another "I can't wait to see" movie!

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Holly, Bryan, Owen, Sasha said...

Hey Brenda...
They do make Harry potter dolls that are barbie or high school musical size. However, they are pretty pricey if you buy them online. I thought I saw some at a mall down here a few weeks ago, so if I get a chance I will see if they have any of them left. They were on sale, so I will let you know how much, what they have, etc.