Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life Check

I had what a call a mini life check this weekend....ending today with a phone call.
Last Friday I spent most of my day in SL county...taking my fur baby to the vet and going to a dentist appointment. A busy but good day. I finally arrived home at 7pm to see I had messages. So I listened and my heart dropped a little as my RE/GYN's office had called to say they needed to discuss my pap results with me. I had never had an abnormal result so I was pretty nervous. If you are infertile like me you understand the feeling of "great....one more bad thing about this area of my body". So I horriblize and worried that it was cancer. After a phone call to my sister, Diane( who had also had a abnormal result once) and then a call to my Mom I felt more calm. The weekend went on and I did pretty good but there was the lingering worry. Brad gave me a Priesthood Blessing last night and I felt peaceful and was able to sleep. This morning I was full of nerves and couldn't wait for them to call me so I kept calling them....but always got voice mail. Around 10:30 I got THE call. Turns out there isn't much to worry about and I can go on with life!

I have had mini life checks before....it always seems to happen before something good comes our way. I am not sure why....but that has been the pattern. While these mini life checks are scary at times...they leave me with a renewed sense of purpose....a greater desire to actively engage myself with those people and moments that matter most....to choose the better part!

Today as I was outside looking around and observing I was felt so grateful for that moment....to feel the sun on my face, to smell that wonderful fresh summer smell and to be alive!!!

I don't know what may becoming our way...I am happy with what my life holds right now so it is ok if things don't change but I do feel like change is in the wings....maybe a new church calling....maybe a new foster care adventure. I don't know what lies ahead but I am grateful that I am here with my family and I can take each day and choose the better part!

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Cassie said...

Glad everything is ok! And you're not alone...I'm a worrier, so I would have been stressed with a message like that too.