Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Foster Care book- recomendation

This is an email my friend Heidi sent out. I thought I would share.
Thanks Heidi!!!!

I was looking for books I could recommend to people considering Foster Care. I came across this book called Papersack Kids By:Brenda K and immediately recognized the little girl on the cover as a child child I grew up next to. Her amazing and very talented Mother Brenda K (Brenda Benedict) used a painting of her as the cover of her book chronicling her sister Diane's journey with Foster Care. She eloquently and simply gave voice to the children that we often see come into our homes, or our work. When I contacted Brenda about getting a copy she sent it to me and I read it all in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. I laughed, I cried and I would recommend it to anyone considering Foster Care. Yes, I loved it so much that I am emailing everyone I can think of involved with Foster Care to get their hands on a copy. Its worth every penny. So here is her information a little more about the book in case you are interested. I would encourage you all to get this book. (And no I do not get anything out of promoting this book. I just wanted to share this gem with others who love these children. It really is that good!!)

Here is a book review done by The Extraordinary Moms Network
Or you can contact Brenda directly at:

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:
* The smallest seed can grow into something splendid when planted soon enough. I had hoped to explain how these children come scared and leave smiling. There's not much to say. It isn't an amazing thing; it's such an everyday thing; and yet, it's everything. A child must: be loved, feel needed, and have something to look forward to.
* You know, its sad. All they really need is a lap they belong on, one that will still be there the next day; just in case they fall asleep.
* In to many kids lives, their uncertainty is their certainty.
* Each child is unique. Every background is different. It hurts a great deal when you want to help and you are not the person to do it. The miracle is that there is someone who can; for each child deserves a safe and caring place and the time and attention that will help them heal.
* All of the combined talents, honors, accomplishments, and intellect of all of us, does not mean a thing, if they are not worthy of making little eyes more bright.

Just to clairfy..the author of this book has the name , Brenda...but I am not the author. :)

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