Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bobby-isms and other funnies.

Have you ever watch the cartoon "Bobby's World"?
If you haven't...well you need to.
Brad and I discovered Bobby in our early years of marriage. We would watch and laugh at how Bobby would take things so literally.
For example he goes to work with his Dad one day and his Dad mentions that they are in a "traffic jam". Bobby instantly pictures the cars on the road getting stuck in "jam" ....the kind you spread on bread.
This seems to be the case with any child around bobby's age as we have come to realize with our 6 year old.
Tonight as we were discussing the fact that Camden doesn't ask for things he just demands them. For example..if he wants a sandwich he will say "give me a honey sandwich" and he keeps saying it until he gets his way. So in our conversation together Brad and I discussed how we are trying to get him to ask politely and say "please". Brad followed up by saying ..."ya we need to nip that in the bud!" I agreed but then Haley piped up and thought it was funny we said "butt". We explained that we said "bud" not "butt" and then she was like "what? What is a bud?" After a brief explanation Haley says laughing..."Camden's not a flower."

A few weeks ago Haley gave us another "Bobbyism" as we were discussing who the leaders are in our family. (this conversation took place in the van) We explained to the kids that Daddy and Mommy are equally "in charge" and that we also look to Heavenly Father to help us in our decisions so He is part of our family too. Haley instantly says...
"but we don't have a seat for him in the van!"

We love our little Bobbyism girl!

Tonight we were in target looking at bedding for Brenley's new bed. We were in the girl kid aisle of target bedding and the kids were pointing out what they liked. Camden decided to join in and said he wanted the Hanna Montana bedding. Camden said "I like Hanna Montana and she looks cute". Haley pipes up and says "ya you want to kiss her". Camden replies...."ya I want to kiss her because she likes kisses".

Don't you just LOVE kids....what did I ever do for entertainment before them?

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