Friday, July 24, 2009

I am not trying to be mean....

but I don't trust homely hairdressers!
I went to my favorite place for haircuts yesterday. I was so excited to finally feel human again..actually to feel like "ME" again. I had turned into this out of control freak that tried to look normal. Hair too short for a long hairdo or a clip.. but too long for my favorite A-line bob with layers style.
So I went into my favorite shop excited and glad to be doing this before conference.
And then I met her.....a not so smiley, very homely looking hairdresser (stylist...whatever they are called).
I held my breath hoping she wasn't going to be MY hairdresser today.
This is nothing against being homely...I am homely most of the time that I am home but I have a theory about homely people doing hair......they just shouldn't be.
I love to get the girl who is wearing the outrageous hairdo...the really trendy hairdo that I could never get away with. There is something about that girl...she seems to know how hair works and since she is always changing hers I think she learns alot about hair. So I like getting the girl with the funkiest hair. But yesterday I didn't have such luck. I got the homely girl who didn't appear to care about her hair and didn't seem happy to be cutting other peoples hair. I tried to be brave....I thought...."well you can't judge a book by it's cover so maybe I can't judge a stylist by hers".
But honestly I think you can.
To top it off she wasn't exactly loquacious...I had to keep asking questions.
I hate it when stylists don't talk....bugs me!
So I asked her the big question in my mind "so how long have you been doing hair?" Her reply had me even more worried...."I did it for a year then I went on to other things."
Apparently she has just come back to the world or hair..... YIKES!!!!
Part of the way through the hair cut she stops and says "I gotta go get a little tip". I couldn't decide if this was bad or good. Glad she is going to get help if she doesn't know what the heck she is doing...but then worried because she doesn't know what she is doing.
While my hair was wet I couldn't really tell if it was cut right. She blew it dry a little....without product which is a huge NO NO for curly hair! I left the salon looking like a super frizz!!!! I had to stop off at the gas station on the way home so I used a bottle of water in my car and wet my hair down least wet it looked a little better.
When I got home I saw that it was uneven and NOT cut the way I asked.
I went into the salon today excited to get a trim back into my favorite A-Line Bob with layers.
I came out looking like alien from outer space.
I was able to fix some it doesn't look terrible. There are some parts that were cut very nicely...but she clearly needs some updated training.
I truly am not being mean...this is all in jest but I really do like to have the girl who has the crazy cute hair!
And I will be asking for someone different next time so I can go back to my favorite style.


Savannah said... picture? I would hurry to a GOOD hair dresser and get it fixed the best you can. And I agree, the funkier their hair, the better your odds.

Christy Edgel said...

I would call the salon- they should be glad to fix it for free. Better yet, call my sister! She does a great job! But seriously- I (don't go to Cher anymore unless I'm in town- I had to stop driving 4 hours each way for a haircut... it was driving my husband crazy) recently had a cut that I wasn't happy with- I called Cher and she said stylists really want their client to be happy- so I did what she said and called mine back. She was more than gracious about it, and listened more closeley to what I wanted. I just was sure to bring her a smoothie when I came:) I'm sure if you call the salon the owner would help you out!

Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

Oh no! Is that like not trusting a skinny chef? :p

I hope they [the funky-haired stylist] will fix it for you for free!

Brenda said...

Savannah, yes NO picture! lol
Christy, I would love to go to Cher...I should have done that to begin with.
Brittany, lol I like your comparision.

In the end I ended up trimming it up myself. I was afraid to go get it "fixed" by anyone since it is pretty short...they would have to go alot shorter. So I fixed the worst part and will just hang on for a few weeks until it grows a little...then I will get it cut by someone I know and trust. :) So if you happen to be going to the conference this coming weekend...don't laugh at me. :) and to top it off the class we are presenting is being taped. Murphys law strikes again. :)