Monday, July 6, 2009

Matching Mondays

Elijah & Christopher ages 4 & 2
Elijah loves Blues Clues and Christopher likes to giggle!

Andrew is an Infant
This sweet baby boy needs a family who will be committed to him.

Rhode Island
Price age 12 (turns 13 this month sometime)
Price loves the Celtics and enjoys saving his money for things he wants.
This site doesn't allow me to directly link you to Price...Please click on the link and search for him.

Josiah age 9
Friendly Josiah is greatly anticipating being adopted and having a stable, loving family of his own.
(Side Note: If you are interested in adopting children with Pacific Island ethnicity... Utah has added some new kids to their site.)

Tatyana & Fauthmia age 10
These adorable twin girls have a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor.

Ali age 16
This quiet and reserved young woman loves volleyball, swimming, basketball, watching movies and music videos, listening to music, and especially shopping.

New Mexico
Heaven & Malaci ages 6 & 7
Heaven loves to play princess and Malaci's favorite superhero is Spiderman.
I'm going to be meeting with Kathy Searle (Utah Adoption Exchange Director of Programs) next week to ask her questions. If you have specific questions please leave them in the comments section or feel free to email me directly.

As some of you may hubby and I serve as Co-Vice chairs for Families Supporting Adoption National Board. We meet as an Executive Board this week and I am going to see what we can do to get some education out there among FSA chapters throughout the nation. So I am wondering.... If you are an FSA member would you attend a class about how to adopt waiting children if it was offered somewhere fairly close to you? Please leave me a comment and let me know. I am trying to get a feel for what people are willing to do to learn how to adopt waiting children.

We have still NEVER heard anything from the situations we have inquired about. The last one we inquired about I was really hoping to hear something but no word yet. I will keep you posted. Meanwhile we have two cute boys hanging out with us for a bit while parents and dcfs figure things out. :) They are so fun and honestly...I am so glad we said yes. These little "dooods" (as Mick...the 4 year old says) are very well behaved and just truly great children!

And lastly....THANK YOU for coming here every Monday and for adding them MM button to your blog. You are wonderful friends!!!
:) Happy Week!


Christine said...

I would definitly attend a class in my area about adopting waiting children, what it takes as far as the process, and advice about kids with a "past" and what kind of services may be available for them!We are planning on adopting through foster care at some point, and any information that we could get from a class would be very helpful!!

E and J said...

Thank you so much for your blog! As a foster parent in Utah County I really LOVE reading about your experiances.