Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday evening I got to send Mick and Little Mouse off with their Dad. I am so happy that their experience in foster care was so short...5 days short.
It was fun to have them here.
So we are open to situations once again.....hoping that the next call is THE one! :) I am always hoping that...but ok if it isn't.

This morning our fabulous Licensing Lady (as I call her) came for our annual visit. All went well and after my last 3 class credits are in (which will happen today) we are all set for another year of licensing for foster care. Today's visit did bring some new news....apparently she will be making drop in visits unannounced at any time throughout the year. So I made a mental note to make sure I stick to my rule of having things straightened before going to bed. It has been a great tool....but easy to slack on when I have no energy left at the end of the day.

I just finished the draft of "Midnight Sun" that Stephenie Meyer has on her website.
It was good while it lasted and made me want more.
It almost doesn't seem fair that she is willing to let us sample but doesn't give us the full meal.
You know what I mean!!!
I will have to just settle on being excited about "New Moon" movie release in November.

And since I am talking movies.....1 week from today I will be sitting in the theater watching "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" with Brad, Brenley and Haley. Friday we will start the countdown by watching the Harry Potter movies in each day. I know I am silly....but I am a book and a movie how can I not get excited when the best of both words meet???

I also want to send my love and positive vibes to my friend mrs. r. If you haven't been following her story go here to catch up....then read her latest post.
Send her some happy thoughts in her comments section today.


Mary (MEM) said...

Unannounced visits? Is that a state-wide thing or just for your region? What caseworkers have TIME for that!

Brenda said...

I am not sure if it is state wide or just region. It is the office of licensing that does it rather than the case workers. So the gal who comes to my house each year to renew my safety check is the one who will make unannounced visits. She is great so I don't feel too worried...I am just worried about my house looking like it does at the end of every weekend. :) Fun times hu? :)

poohterbug said...

Who is your licenser? Thats seems like a little over kill considering if you have a placement you have visits from the child's case worker and your RFC to check on conditions and welfare of the child. Is she new? I wouldn't think they had enough time for unannounced visits. Especially because you may not be home. Craziness. Tell her she can make unannounced visits to the birth parents we are working with too. So that way it doesn't feel like we are under such a huge microscope.

evil social worker said...

i have to agree with the other posts. I really doubt that will heppen. ALSO, i understand your nervousness but the truth of the matter is your house does not need to be spotless. as long as there are no obviouse health or safety hazzards you are fine (ie human or animal feces, moldy food, bare or exposed wires, broken glass, rats,broken pipes, meth lab etc)

Brenda said...

Apparently it has to do with a new supervisor who is really I think the people under this particular supervisor aren't thrilled about this either. lol I really like my truly I don't mind if she stops by. I will have to remember not to panic about my house. Most of the time it is in shape but you know how Murphys Law applies. lol