Friday, August 21, 2009

I have been busy....

holding this little bundle!
(sorry..wish I could really show you what he looks like but I can't. I did get permission to do these types of photos.)
He has consumed my life and my sleep (or the lack there of) and since he has come into the world there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.
And I am loving every bit of it!!!

My Mom has been staying with me and truly running my house. She is leaving tonight and it stresses me out a little to know we are on our own.
I know what you are hard can it be when he is in the NICU right?
It has been hard to try to split my time between hospital and home...having my family in two different places all the time is more trying than I ever realized. By the end of my day (which is sometimes early the next morning) I crash into bed exhausted...only to wake up 3-4 hours later to do it again.
Don't get me wrong....I LOVE this opportunity!! I will juggle everything for as long as we need! It just helps me to kind of talk (or type) about it.

I have some special friends who have offered their help with Camden as I come up to stay with the baby....I am so incredibly thankful for their help!! I was feeling pretty alone and stressed about what to do once my Mom went back home. But I have some people who are coming to my rescue and I just don't know how to tell them THANK YOU!!!

And then there is my hubby who has rearrange his whole work schedule to help me be able to be up here each day for a longer period of time. It is important to be here and it is important to be home....I am so grateful that Brad considers me and our children important and works with me as a team!

It will be a lovely, wonderful day when I can bring Spencer home!!!
Until then.....thanks for all the help!!!!


Mandy Jo said...

Awww!! Can't wait to see your lil man!! Take a much needed nap when you can! Also take all the help you can get!! Its nice to have friends you can trust!

Tina and Sal's family said...

I feel your stress, it is very hard to balance the time. You feel guilty for leaving them at the hospital, but then you feel guilty for not spending time with the others when you are at the hospital!! Hang in there, these will be precious moments that are over way to soon!!!!

Tina and Sal's family said...

Happy birthday a day late by the way!!! Hope you had a great one!! Love you!!

terandfamily said...

It is such a rollercoaster. So many highs and lows EVERY DAY in the NICU. So hard feeling torn in all directions. Hang in there. We are praying for you and your family. Thank heavens for the angels that step up to help!!