Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I remembered the other question.

This is a follow up to the last post I did.
I remembered the other question.
In Sense and Sensibility dvd ( Kate Winslet version) Edward is disowned by his mother and loses his inheritance to his younger brother because he was engaged to Miss . But then Edwards younger brother is the one who ends up marrying Miss . So why doesn't the mother oppose to that?
Am I the only one who wonders these things?

I re-read my last post and realized I sound like I come home from the nicu and just sit and watch movies. So I wanted to claify.. I watching movies late at night because I can't sleep...too many worries. I do actually try to function like a wife and mother when I come home.

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Savannah said...

Okay, I'm reading Harry Potter book 7. My question is, what is the difference between apparition and disapiration? I've never understood that.