Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random questions

I have been using Harry Potter dvd's, movies based on Jane Austen novels, and Twilight movie & book as a diversion while I am home and can't be here in the NICU. After watching movies over and over again I am left with a few questions.
Maybe YOU have the answer.

Why is Harry able to see the Thestrals only after the death of Cedric? He saw his Mother die...so why couldn't he see the Thestrals from the beginning?

Why does Voldemort critize Lucius Malfoy (in #4) for not helping him when it was Lucius that slipped the Riddle diary into Ginney's bag in #2? Wasn't that Lucius's way of trying to bring him back?

In Pride & Prejudice DVD (the Colin Firth version) Elizabeth travels with her aunt and uncle to Pemberly to see the place... why does Elizabeth seem as surprised as her aunt at the servants comments about Mr. Wickham? By this time in the story Elizabeth already knew the truth from Darcy's letter. Was she just trying to hid her knowledge from her aunt do you think?

The answers might be found in the novels...I need to re-read but I don't own these books (I am working on that...it seems a sin that I don't own a copy). Maybe the answers are in the books and I don't recall it.

I would love your thoughts!

I had more questions but they are lost in my tired brain.
It is silly what you ponder when you are tired.


Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

You don't have any questions about Twilight? Like, why does Carlisle look like he got hit in the face with a powdered donut? And, what was with the "spider monkey" line? :p

I used to know the answer to the Thestral question (I will look that one up.) I can't remember why Voldemort was upset with Lucius (and why he didn't take into account the diary). (Maybe splitting your soul is a drain on your memory?)

And as for P&P, I don't remember in the 95 version Lizzy being surprised about the servants' comments about Wickham; only about Darcy. Maybe I'll have to watch that again. (I'll get back to you about that one.)

Ron and Jessica said...

Dumbledore's theory was Lucius wasn't trying to help Voldermort when he slipped Ginny the diary. Lucius didn't know it was part of Voldermort's soul.

Ron and Jessica said...

Also Ron and I think Harry didn't actually see his mother die. We seem to recall that he was in his crib or something and only saw green light.

Judy said...

Harry saw Cedric die.

Sharon said...

Hi Brenda, I found your blog through Brittany's blog, and I found her blog through Mrs.R's blog. Anyhow, congratulations on your newest adoption. That's so exciting! My hubby and I are hoping to adopt as well and thinking about becoming foster parents in the meantime. I would love to chat with you about your experiences both in adoption and in foster care. You can email me at jandscrown at yahoo dot com if you'd like. If not that's o.k. too.

Sharon said...

Oh ya, and to answer your questions on Harry Potter. Harry's mom was killed when we was only 1 (his father was killed in another room so Harry didn't see that). He didn't remember the actual event, only seeing a flash of green light. In book 7 Voldemort has a flashback of when he killed Harry's Parents. Harry sees this memory (because their minds are connected and times and Harry sees Voldemort's thoughts). In this memory we find out that Voldemort comes into the room in a hooded cloak, Harry originally thinks that Voldemort is his father dressed up and playing. He soon realizes that he isn't though. He sees the green light and sees his mom fall. He thought his mom was playing and thought she would pop up at any moment. So yes, Harry was present when his mom died, but was too young to remember details or that he had seen more then a flash of green light. Ecspecially since the Dursley's forbide any talk of his parents or the magical world.

Sharon said...

As for why Voldemort was mad at Lucius for not coming to his aide when in fact Lucius gave the diary to Ginny (inadevertanly giving it to Harry who destroyed it). Voldemort in giving the diary to Lucius had instructed him to hang on to it, keep it safe and do nothing with it unless he received instruction from Lord Voldemort. Lucius assuming that Voldemort was in fact dead, disobeyed orders, not realizing what the diary really was and was hoping to bring back his "master". In giving the diary to Ginny it ended up being destroyed. In book (and movie 6) we find out that the diary was a Horcrux and contained part of Voldemort's soul (there are 7 in all). The Horcrux's made it so that Voldemort is immortal and can't be killed (unless all the Horcrux's are destroyed). That is why Voldemort wanted it held onto and not to be given away. So he doesn't see this as being a help. It in fact destroyed part of Voldemort and I don't think that at the point in #4 that you're talking about that Voldemort knew Lucius had given the diary away.
(Ya, I have read the books just a few times.... *cough* *cough* each book at least 10 times, the older books even more) LOL

Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

Wow, I just realized my comment made me sound like I had a huge drain on my memory. LOL

I promise I am not making horcruxes.

Brenda said...

Jessica,I had forgotten about the green light thing. I have probably forgotten about lots of details.

Wow you are all a wealth of knowledge!!! Thank You!!!

Sharon, 10 times?? Wow!!!! I probably would too if I had the books. lol

Brittany you make me laugh!!!!!!

I love that my blogging friends love Harry as much as I do!!!! :)

Sharon said...

LOL Brenda, Actually the earlier books I have read more then that. I have read them so many times that when I watch the movies I can pin point things that aren't correct and things that were left out. I even know that in the books it was 1 character who said something and in the movies it was another character who said it. ;-) We even named our dog Sirius after Sirius Black.