Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ideas anyone??

This is probably a sad excuse for a blog post BUT I need to pick your brain.
I would like the opportunity to earn a little extra money.
It needs to be something I can do from home and I can do and still be able to keep my sanity and still be a Foster Mom. I don't want to stop fostering. I would like to help get some debt paid off so we can be debt free.
The girls head to school in a couple of weeks so it will just be me and Cam during the day....so I guess if there was some type of work that lets me bring my child with me I could possibly swing that but I doubt there is even such a job. :)
Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on what I could do?


Savannah said...

I sell Scentsy, but I don't do it for the money. I just do it for me and my family and then I get a little check after orders. But I know people who do it and make a bit of money.

Erin said...

I did Pampered Chef for a while. It's really easy. And you can always do themed shows like what to make for a toddler to eat and Camden can be your "demo boy" Plus you get a ton of free product every month. You can contact my team leader... jenifercooks4u@msn.com she's great. I quit doing it because I had a regular 9-5 job too and it was too much for me to keep up with having both jobs.

Mary (MEM) said...

Scentsy Candles or Usborne Books.

Tina and Sal's family said...

If you find anything good, that is NOT selling, let me know!!!!