Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kids and Advertisments

I never realized just how much kids listen to background noise until one afternoon Brenley was just hanging out with me while I cleaned my bathroom. All of the sudden she starts singing.."Viva Viagra! Viva Viagra!" I burst out laughing and Brenley asks...."What is Viva Viagra."
We had a pretty interesting conversation.
In the end I said sing "Viva Las Vegas, ok?" She agreed to that and thought the whole thing was funny.

Yesterday in the car Brenley askes me "Mom, how do I know what my sleep number is?". I laugh and explain that you need a sleep number bed and then you adjust the firmness to what you like....then you know what your sleep number is. Brenley goes on to talk about beds and she says "I like Grandma and Grandpa's bed....it is a whoop dee doo bed." I start laughing and ask what a whoop dee doo bed is. She replies "It goes up and down lifting your head or feet."
So apparently if you have that kind of bed it is all about fun according to my 9 year old.

I continue to learn that my kids listen to background noise and stupid commercials....I just hope she doesn't see the Carl's Jr commercials.
I hate those commercials!!


mrs. r said...

LOL! ...viagra. LOL!

tyson sings expedia's "dot coooooom."

poohterbug said...

I have whoop dee doo bed but for a whole different reason!

Todd, Liz and Sydney said...

VIVA VIAGRA!!!! That is so funny.

Sydney sings
"1-800-steamer, stanley steamer gets carpets cleaner."