Monday, August 3, 2009

Matching Mondays

Jesse & Kenith ages 7 & 5.
Like two peas in a pod, Jesse and Kenith stick together. Jesse is a charming boy who is content to watch movies, play games, and ride his bike and run outside. Kenith is a big helper at school and at home. He loves games, watching movies, and playing outside just as much as his big brother does.

New Jersey
Lashanda age 17.
Lashanda sings on the church choir, and her favorite things to do include shopping and getting her hair done. Lashanda is very verbally outgoing and she does not have a problem speaking her mind.

Sean age 15.
Being fun to talk to and having a great personality to boot, makes this young man a joy to be around. Sean does well in school. He is attending the ninth grade. He participates in class and his teachers all have great things to say about him.

Moses & Aria ages 12 & 9.
Aria and Moses are two children who desire to grow up together in the same home with their own family. Older brother Moses is an active boy who enjoys playing all sports and any game. Princesses are Aria's favorite things! Aria likes anything to do with them, whether it be a toy or a movie.

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Heather Justesen said...

These kids are so cute! By husband and I did foster care for a coupleof years with the hope to adopt, but it never worked out. We're talking about starting over now that we've moved a few times and could actually foster again.