Wednesday, September 16, 2009


When it comes to my children I have lots of fears.
My top eight list would include:
1. being kidnapped.
2. choking on food...especially when I am not with them.
3. drowning
4. being abused in anyway by someone.
5. hit by a car.
6. stop breathing.
7. severe illness/disease.
8. something happening to me and Brad leaving them alone.

Number 8 only comes up when we go somewhere without the children.
We have been asked to come and teach at a regional fsa first instinct is to say "YES!". I love working in fsa. But then that darn fear kicks in and I worry. But I also don't want to go without Brad...hence the dilemma.
The answer will actually depend a large part upon what Spencer's pediatrician says about traveling with him. I am not ready to leave my baby....not at all. Especially when he had such a rough start. So we will see what the doc says.

I just you guys worry about these things too?
Am I just a paranoid freak?


Rachie317 said...

I don't think you are a freak - but I'd like to introduce you to a great website for worried parents...


Misty said...

I totally feel you. I have the same fears only at to them car accident. Totally feel ya!

Christine said...

Nope, not paranoid. I've been having dreams lately about us losing our baby, and one time on a road trip my baby was being so quiet I had a minor panic attack thinking that I had left her somewhere, but babies don't exactly wander off. I had to reach back and check to make sure she was there before i calmed down. So strange!

Christal said...

your not alone I have the same fears!! Everyday. Life is so crazy sometimes eh! Sad you can't go but right now probably for the best eh. Have a great day! Hope little spencer is doing great!! {We just had our last supervisory visit yesterday now onto court docs!!} Seriously so many steps eh! So very worth it! As you know!

Mary said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one out there! My husband and I both especially worry about items 1 and 4. We would much rather lose a child to a deadly disease than to an evil predator.