Monday, September 28, 2009

Matching Mondays

I know Monday is almost over. I apologize! My new little guy is going through colicky (sp?) phase....I have never dealt with colic before. It wears me out but I am so grateful for this blessing!! Please forgive my tardiness!

Margaret age 16.

Angela’s warm smile is the perfect complement to her loving nature. She is a bright girl who excels in school and sports. She loves to shop – of course – what teenager doesn't’t? She also enjoys participating in church activities and going out to eat.

Tyrease, Tyrane, Tytiana, Tinia, Tony & Tamira ages 10 - 4.
These darling siblings need a stable home with strong parents. They want to be together!

Marissa, Aunicka, Ember ages 7, 6, & 3.
Lots to learn about these darling sisters....take a peek.

Naya age 13.
Sweet, polite, and observant are just some of the great terms you could use to describe Naya. This young woman often notices the little changes in people. She frequently comments on positive appearances or attributes, genuinely enjoys hearing about others and their experiences, and shows appreciation for things people do for her. Naya is hardworking and good at sports; she loves to participate in outside activities.

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