Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Little Team Player

I think my 3 year old is going to grow up and be a police officer.
Whenever we get in Snowbell Sprinkles Express (our mini van...yes we name our vehicles) and start driving, Camden will start looking around with an eagle eye and then holler out to me
"Mom, WHO is breaking the law?"
I reply, "no one is breaking the law."

"Is THAT guy breaking the law?"
I reply, "No, Cam. No one is breaking the law."

Then Camden turns on me and asks..
"Mom, are YOU breaking the law?"

By this time I am laughing....I reply, "No Camden, I am not breaking the law."

Then as we are driving if someone gets in front of us or passes us Camden will call them a "moron" or "idiot".
hmmm, I wonder where he gets that from?

Driving in the van with Camden is like the comic relief of my day.

The past few days when I ask Camden to do something he will reply...
Font size"I will do it MOM. I am on your team!"
These words are said along with a hand salute.
He keeps saluting me until I salute him back.

Where does he pick up this stuff???

Life with Camden is a funny adventure everyday!
I love you Cam!!!!

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