Friday, September 11, 2009

Please pray for my friends.

I am sure most of you who visit my blog already know mrs. r.
For those that are not familiar with her take a peek at her blog it is fabulous!
The r family is going to trial today to fight for their baby boy whom they have had in their home for a year. The birth father is contesting the adoption. It has been a very difficult and emotional road for this sweet family! She has written about this journey on her blog if you want to learn more.

Please pray for them and the judge.
This family is anxious to finalize the adoption and take their baby boy to the temple.
To be sealed together as a family!
They have been through so much and have shed many tears....they need peace and a happy ending.
Lets help them today!!!


Christal said...

I love mrs R we went through the same thing with our third, so I totally feel and know what they are going through!! Thankfully ours ended in our favor as we prayer there's does too!
I just had to say congrats on your new baby I found your blog through a tv clip you guys did it made me bawl cause we have adopted 4 also through family services so I knew what you were saying to the heart cause we feel the same way!! What a blessing it is!! Just wanted to say hi and congrats!!!

Christal said...

oops I meant pray!! and their's

Christal said...

me again your more then welcome to add me and I'm going to add you too if thats okay! Have a great sunday! Hope baby is doing great!