Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who said 3 is the hardest adjustment???

I don't get it!
I have had 2 babies straight from the hosptial that we have fostered....Ashanti and Chevey.
"Our Favorite Baby" & "Little Edward" who we also lovingly refer to as our "hunka, chunka, burnin' love"
(ya you can sing along with me!)

I adjusted well.....was able to stay on top of house chores, children's needs, my church calling & FSA responsibilities.
But this time I STINK at it all!!!!
It seems harder for some reason. I wonder if it was the time away from home hanging out in the nicu. I didn't get anything done in those days...and once my Mom had to go back home my house turned upside down. So I am playing catch up.
I also have a little guy who needs a little extra help with feedings so I have tried to factor that into the picture.
But HELLO Brenda what the heck is wrong with you??????
yes I do talk to myself sometimes...scary I know.

I decided that whomever said this about number of children...
"If you can handle 3 then you can handle any number!"
must be a guy!
I'm just sayin'.

(no offense to the men....I love my man and he is great!)


Savannah said...

Maybe it's because you know he is yours. I know you loved the other two babies, but maybe since he's a keeper your having a hard time adjusting.
Who cares about house work. Buy paper plates and each microwaved food! Enjoy that little bundle of joy!

kimsueellen said...

SORRY I am such a LOSER friend. Leisha and Lindsey told me about your new one...I haven't been getting around I am sure you haven't...he is BEAUTIFUL...if it helps you feel better, I am having the same problem with three, I think when we factor in school, and preschool, it just gets tough to stay on top of it all.

Huggs, and CONGRATS!

Jean Horrocks said...

I think the saying " 3 is the hardest" is really correct. You have two hands, one for each child when you have two. But with three, you need an extra hand, not just to hold onto, but to help with the extra work. So if you can get through the adjustment with three, anything beyond that is much easier. And I say that as a mother of 6.

Kirsten said...

I think you have a pretty good excuse for not adjusting well... I mean hello? NICU, being away from home and kids and all your responsibilities is hard!

We had an easy adjustment to 3 kids. Of course, we did things a little backwards and went from 2 to 5 to 3. I will take 3 any day and will never go back to 5 again! Don't recommend it! :) Good luck with everything! You are great!! (and I don't even know you!)

Brenda said...

Savannah, I do need to buy paper plates! LOL That would make life a little easier. Why didn't I think of that? Well probably because my brain is working on 4 hours of sleep. Thanks for filling in my blank spaces in my head. :)

Kim, you are NOT a loser!!! You are busy with your own little one....and she is beautiful. I am enjoying your pictures on your blog!!

Jean (Mom) I am thinking "hard" is defined by everyone differently. Three wasnt' too hard for me....adding a 4th the two other times wasn't that hard either. This time life must be busier so it has felt harder...but not because of the baby. But I know many people feel like if they can do three they can do 10. lol

thanks for the reality check...I need those some times. Things have been better today and even yesterday I saw improvements. Now that his appointments are out of the way I think life will get a little easier...not so much running. thanks for your sweet have provided alot of support for me! Thank you!

You guys are all fun to post comments...I sure enjoy them! I gives me something to read when I am up 3 times each night. :)

Christal said...

just have to say I hear you!! I try so hard to get everything back the way it was with 3 but its not happening the laundry piles up things are a tiny bit more cluttery and I finally made my way back to the treadmill after 2 months for the most part it takes time but it does come eventually maybe when they grow up lol!! What really matters is the kids!! The blessings that they are means more then the laundry wanting to be switched over or folded!! so right there with you!! I feel it!! {ps I love kim she is awesome!!!}

Brenda said...

Thank you for your comment! HOnestly I needed to read that today. I am trying not to get down on myself. Funny you should mention the treadmill....I had just started back into the exercise "groove" then this wonderful suprise came upon on. I am feeling bad about myself but trying to remember I can only do what I can do right now. And you are absolutley right...the kids are what matters right now. Thank you!!!!

terandfamily said...

The NICU throws all routines out the window. Give youself timne and patience. You'll get back into the groove.