Monday, September 7, 2009

Matching Mondays

Elijah age 10.
Elijah, who likes to be called \"Eli\" is quite the well-rounded athlete and has talent to spare. He enjoys using his skills in many different ways such as biking, skateboarding, building and drawing. Eli is a very creative kid who likes to learn and try new things. He\'s got a very sweet and thoughtful personality and has good relationships with his siblings (whose birthdays he never forgets). With all the activity surrounding Eli, you can expect that he would have one healthy appetite and he does. He enjoys an array of foods and is not afraid to try something different.

Gage, Joseph & Timothy ages 8, 8 & 5.
Joseph, his twin brother, Gage, and their little brother Timothy are active, engaging, and affectionate children. They play well with other children and respond well to their adult caretakers. Their foster parents describe them as sweet, loving, good boys with typical age appropriate behavior. They behave very agreeably, are playful, and take to redirection well. These wonderful boys need a two parent family, who has experience working with foster children.

Tipaney age 12.
(must scroll through page to find Tipaney's information)
Tiphaney likes to sing and can often be found singing around the house. She is extremely sociable and likes having someone that will talk with her. She has many stories to tell, and always wants to say “just one more thing.” She is a “girly-girl” and likes having her hair done and nails painted.

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