Saturday, October 3, 2009

Joys of October.

Our 1st Anniversary Picture.

My little Haley right after placement.

I have always loved October.

There is something special about it....the leaves change, the air becomes crisp in the morning and I get to pull out my sweaters.
I am reminded of the movie "You've Got Mail" when in an email to Kathleen Kelly, Joe Fox talks about how much he loves fall and how he would send her a bouquet of sharpened pencils.
I can totally relate to that sentiment!

Each year I look forward to pulling our my fall home decor to fill our home with the color of Autumn...the reds, oranges and yellows.
They lift my heart and I feel joy.

It isn't just the time of year but also the events of this month that bring me happiness.
Brad and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage this month and Haley turns 7 on Halloween.
And then there is all the favorite Halloween activities.

I also enjoy baking and cooking in October.
There are certain recipes I enjoy making each fall "cheese soup".
I wondered if you have some favorites....if you do please share your recipes with me either through email or leave them in the comments section.
I enjoy trying new recipes and would love to add to my fall favorites!

Welcome October...I missed you!

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