Sunday, October 4, 2009

Balancing Time.

Brenley at age 4. She is now 9...when did that happen?

I have been pondering over how I use my time.
My time has become even more important to manage properly now that there is an addition person who relies upon me. Having a baby in the house really makes you remember the important things. My kids are getting big fast and I don't feel like I am doing all I can to prepare them for their future and to help them plant themselves in the Gospel so that they can withstand the trials that will surely come their way.
The responsibility to teach them correct principals and help them establish a healthy view of who they are feels overwhelming at times.
So the big question that keeps coming to my mind is
What is the best use of my time?
I already canceled facebook and while I am on twitter I don't "tweet" much.
I am not sure about this blog.
I really love blogging and it has helped me to get feelings out.
But I need to make sure it isn't eating up the time that I should be spending with and on my children and my husband.
Lately I hardly post....I am just too tired.
Spencer has colic and it has been hard to manage everything right now.
I feel pretty zoombie like and all my responsibilities feel bigger than life right now...
So what might not be ok to keep in my life right now , might be ok later when I am back to my normal self.
So..I am wondering what rules you put in place for your internet time?
Do you allow yourself a certain amount of minutes each day?
What do you do to help keep balance in your life?


Lisa said...

Right now I allow myself to be on the internet only when Sariah's taking a nap. I even cut out evening internet time. I do let myselt get on freely on the weekends, but not during the week. It ends up being about 1 hr/day on weekdays.

Christine said...

One thing I've done is leave the laptop in the other room so I have to physically bring it out in order to use it, that way I'm making a consience decision to use it and its much easier to only bring out like once a day or something. Another thing I did for a while was only check other peoples blogs once a week. Good luck figuring it out, and I hope you keep blogging a little. :)

Jessica said...

That is so crazy that you posted about this. I have cut way back on my internet time as well. You need to find what works for you. I only am on the internet when the kids are napping or on the weekends. It's a hard but VERY important balance. You are an amazing Mom and good for you to try and spend those precious moments with the most important people in your life. I also hope you don't stop blogging completely. Just limit yourself to how much you blog.