Monday, October 5, 2009

Matching Mondays

I have been doing Matching Mondays for many months now.
My three main goals in featuring waiting children was to...
1. Give these children and all waiting children more positive exposure.
2. To help change hearts and minds by allowing people to see who is really waiting for a family...break stereotypes.
3. Help couples and children come together.

I have been thinking of what else can be done with Matching Mondays to help in these three goals.
After pondering on this topic I decided that I need to recruit people to feature waiting children on their own blogs. It seems that in many cases it is a little easier to adopt children waiting in your own state so I would like to call you to action.
I encourage YOU to become an advocate of waiting children by looking through your own states waiting children websites and choose one or two each Monday to feature on your blog.
You could call it "Matching Mondays... Idaho Edition" (or whatever state you live in). Or if you want to feature children from other states you can do that too. If I learn that enough people decide to do this and commit to it I will have Leisha Kelsey design a Matching Monday sister button that you can use on your bog.
More people featuring waiting children means more people will be seeing waiting children and hopefully more heart will be changed, mind will be enlightened and more matches will be made!
I hope you will join me in this effort!

Kaylab age 11.
Kaylab’s cute, loveable personality makes it difficult not to fall head over heels for him. This fun kid has a great desire to be a part of a family where he will be able to feel a sense of security and love.

Rolena age 13.
Rolena is very caring and loving and has a sweet disposition. In the care of her current foster mom, Rolena is learning how a normal family works and what is expected of her, such as picking up after herself and participating in chores. She is coming along nicely, according to foster mom, who tells us that Rolena is making friends and getting along with other kids.

Faith, Morgan & Michael ages 6, 5 & 3.
This trio of full siblings will bring tons of energy, excitement, and joy to their adoptive family. The children, who are very bonded and clearly love one another, will be placed together.


Cory and Becca said...

would love to help the way, I thought you might have experience in this, so I thought I would ask you for your advice. How do you explain 'adoption' to young children with the simplicity for them to understand? I guess this questions stems from the fact that I serve in the primary I have had questions from the little ones and I guess I wasn't 'kid language' enough to explain and one particular 5 year old was confused. THanks.

SmallAdventures said...

Great question!!!!
I think I will use your question on my next blog post! :) I will put my answer there. :)