Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Matching Mondays Challenge

to those of you who are taking the challenge and putting Matching Mondays on your blog!!!!
I am so excited to see that so many are excited to help waiting children!

I have had many questions regarding the challenge...I hope this clarifies.

There are no "rules"....you are more than welcome to just copy what I do each week and put it on your blog. Matter of fact if this is the way you wish to do it leave your email address and I will email you a copy of what is going up on Monday so you don't have to wait for it to show up on my blog. You may need to load photos through the individual websites....just right click on the child's photo and click on "view image" then you can copy the url to the photo. Then paste that url in the "add image" section of your post on your blog. It is a very easy way to get a photo without having to save it to your computer. I hope this makes sense. There may be an even easier way but I am not as tech savy as I would like to be. If you know html codes I am sure you can just copy and paste but I have no clue how to do that with the images. I have tried but can't get it to work.

The other thing you can do is to focus on your state's waiting children.
I am hoping this is what many of you decide to do.
You can call it...Matching Mondays Washington Edition (or whatever state you live in).
You then go to your own states web sites for waiting children and decide who you want to feature that week. If you are trying to find sites that have your state's waiting children go here to see the list of the nation's Heart Galleries.
Another way to find your state's sites is to do a google search and type in key words like..... "Washington waiting children" or even be more specific and type in a particular county in your state followed by the worlds "waiting children" or "heart gallery". Usually your state's department of child and family services (or whatever your state calls it) will have a link to the states waiting children. If you are struggling in finding your states info please email me
(cutefamilyof5 at gmail dot com) and I will be happy to help!

Check out the bloggers who have already started the challenge. I am keeping a blog list. You can see it off to the right of this post directly under the Matching Mondays button.

Thank you again for joining me in this adventure!!!
I believe we can make a difference!


Swinging On Small Hinges said...

Hi! I am starting my Matching Monday challenge tomorrow! Matching Monday- Missouri edition. http://jamesstephaniekayley.blogspot.com


Not Betty Crocker said...

I'm also doing the Matching Mondays. I think this is such a brilliant idea!