Monday, October 12, 2009

Matching Mondays

I would like to keep a list of bloggers that are taking last week's challenge. Please leave a comment if you have decided to feature waiting children on your blog and you are ok with me listing your blog link on this blog.

Lindsay age 17.
This seventeen year old young lady, Lindsay, loves to be on the go! She enjoys singing in the Choir at school and loves performing for an audience. Lindsay has a goal of becoming a veterinarian so that she can work with animals. Lindsay hopes for a family that will "accept her unconditionally for life".

Claudissa age 2.
Claudissa is a wonderful little girl who needs a permanent family that will be able to meet her life long special needs. She is visually impaired, but is mobile and able to use what sight she does have well. . Claudissa loves music and singing. She entered foster care at seven months and has made great progress with regular intervention and medical care.
Home studies will be accepted until 10/14/09.

Lillian, Marquiez & Anicka ages 6, 3 & 1.
Anicka, Lilianna, and Marquiez are looking for a loving forever family who will be committed to keeping them together. They love each other very much and are closely bonded. Please click on their links to learn more about each of them.
Catalina age 2.
Catalina loves playing with toys that play music and light up. She is able to communicate her likes and dislikes, and is not afraid to do so. Catalina loves to swing, and shows her happiness by smiling and cooing. Catalina is a medically fragile child with multiple diagnoses. She is a Regional Center client. Catalina needs a patient, open, loving, supportive, and nurturing family that can meet both her medical and developmental needs.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The Idaho Falls FSA blog took up your challenge.

Families Supporting Adoption Virginia Chapter said...

Virginia FSA blog wants to participate. I am just not sure how to copy the matching mondays onto our blog?

Cory and Becca said...

thanks for the last post, it was very helpful. i would like to help out on my personal blog also. I am not sure how? thanks,Becca

Katie said...

I too would like to take the challenge, but am not quite sure where to start, specifically where I go to find info about the kids in my state. If you have any advice please e-mail me

SmallAdventures said...

I am so excited to see you guys are doing this or trying to. :) I will post information tomorrow. Becca,email me and let me know what aspect you are wondering how to do. Is it finding kids to highlight or functions of the blog?
I am so happy you are willing!!!

You guys are wonderful!!!!

Cory and Becca said...

Hey Brenda, I didn't see your email on your blog, maybe I missed it? Anyways, I didn't know how to copy & paste your matching monday list of kids to put in my blog. I do know where to go to also highlight kids in my state. Thanks. Here is my email:

Christine said...

I'm going to give it a whirl, too! I'd love a "sister button"!
I may do Idaho and Washington, since a bunch of my readers are from my home state in Washington, and a bunch are from our now home state in Idaho. :)