Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PLEASE READ ~ Matching Monday Issue

Hi Friends,
I received some information that demands attention.
If you are doing Matching Mondays and have featured any Idaho children please remove them from your blog. Idaho workers have asked they be removed.
Please do so today.

I am sad about this but I also understand.
Honestly I am worried that this may happen again.
I will post again about this situation and what I will do in the future as soon as I decide.

Thank you for your help with this matter.
You are all fantastic...thank you for being so great about Matching Mondays!!!


Savannah said...

Dang the luck! I saw this on the r house blog too. I understand their concerns, but I don't get it. Anyone can go look at these children on their website so you're like free advertising to help them find families for their waiting children. I thought it was a win-win situation. I hope this doesn't affect Matching Mondays too much because I sure enjoy them.

The Semi-Domesticated Mama said...

Well color me confused. I don't understand why they wouldn't want to find potential homes for their waiting children. Seems a bit contrary to me considering that you can go to their website and see the children anyway. I saw the email at the r house and it annoyed me so much. I was a social worker, for many years, and that email just rubbed me the wrong way. I have some other thoughts on that but I'll leave it at that for now!