Monday, November 2, 2009

Matching Mondays

Happy Adoption Awareness Month!!!!!
Don't forget to support your area adoption activities!

Jamela & Jazzlin ages 12 & 11.
Jamela is beautiful ten-year-old girl who is healthy and at an appropriate grade level. She is a sensitive, out-spoken and articulate girl who isn’t afraid to share her thoughts and feelings. Jamela likes to keep active by playing with other kids and running around outside or roller skating.

This little girl has a lot of spunk! Jazzlin is very easy going, affectionate and smiley. She has been described as a delight to be around and as having a carefree attitude. Jazzlin has some questions, but is curious about adoption.

Mariana age 3.
This adorable little girl is Marianna! She's enjoys musical toys, is interested in what is happening around her, and loves interacting with other children. Marianna mimics the sounds she hears, but does not yet have words at this point. She will blow kisses, and clap her hands when prompted. She now eats fruits and vegetables. Marianna has a mild hearing loss, and is making efforts to stand and take steps. Marianna's future family must be able to maintain the medical services that she needs, and work with the service providers that are following her progress. Marianna needs a safe, nurturing family that will give her the supervision and attention she needs, and enjoy her wonderful loving personality.
Ashley age 13.
Bella, Edward, Jacob, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, Charlie... If you happen to be uncertain about who these people are and where they come from, no worries, Ashley can fill you in. She is an avid reader and loves the \"Twilight\" series by Stephanie Myer. She is currently reading it for the third time! Alongside Ashley\'s passion for good books is her great interest in music. She also quite enjoys socializing and hanging out with friends; she\'s fun to talk to.This girl with the cute personality, bright mind, captivating smile and lovable spirit wants very much to be adopted by her forever family and to find a home where she can be accepted, loved, and nurtured.
Wyatt age 13.
Wyatt is a wonderful young man who wants a loving family. This great teen is very “into” his I-Pod and has quite the talent for singing. Wyatt enjoys Naruto Cards and playing video games (especially Wii and Playstation.) He loves to read, so much so, that he is often reminded to put his books down and go to sleep. Contention and Wyatt’s loving nature don’t mix. He has a compassionate nature and wants others to be happy and get along. Japanese culture is of great interest to Wyatt; he dreams of visiting there someday.

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