Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can I just vent....

I hate it when someone who has a RN behind their name thinks they know everything when in reality they are WRONG!   I don't know who is teaching at nursing school but I sure wish the nurses who work at pediatric offices would learn the difference between RSV and Bronchiolitis
.   Or maybe they need to work the RTU floor at a children's hospital and then they will know the difference.   I also wish they would all give them same answer when asking about dosages for a 3 year old.    UGH!!!!    This reminds me of the last adoption worker we had...she was young and had zero experience in adoption.   We ended up teaching her and calling her on things that were wrong.   This nurse thing feels the same.....but try calling someone out who has a degree behind their name.
Sorry for the vent....I am just a Mom with 2 kids with strep one sweet baby with bronciliotis, running on very little sleep and I am pretty grouchy.  lol